[TUHS] Oracle SQR for Solaris

DG UX dgunix at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 00:29:16 AEST 2011


Looking for an old version of SQR (Oracle's reporting program) -
3.0.13/.0.15 for >= SunOs5, a.k.a Solaris (>=2.x).
We've got SQR 3.0.13 for SunOS 4, but of course it is not compatible
with our Solaris Oracle client (which isn't sunos4, but sunos 5.8).
According to some records and posts online, there is an 3.0.13 for
Solaris :) just need to find a copy

We've already posted a request in SQRUG (SQR User Group) mailing list
and of course contacted our local Oracle provider (who gave us the
SunOS4 version).
Needles to say, we're in contract with Oracle, once we get a correct
version of the program and according to a successful P.O.C, fully
payed licenses will be purchased.
Check with your ex MITI/Sqribe, Oracle contacts.

Cash prize - $1,000 to finder.

Thanks a lot,

A', D' and friends at the DGUX Project

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