[TUHS] X Windows System X<11

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Mon Oct 15 18:53:30 AEST 2007

On Monday 15 October 2007 02:30, Andrzej Popielewicz wrote:
> Wesley Parish pisze:
> > Is any such creature available?  X11 is >10 years old; apparently the
> last X10
> > release was in 1986.
> >
> > Does that source code exist anywhere now?  Or has it vanished into the
> Great
> > Bit-Bucket in the Sky?
> >
> > Thansk
> >
> > Wesley Parish
> I have X10R3 and X10R4 archives.
> I have found it somewhere in google some years ago, I do not remember
> now where, probably MIT or so. If it is allowed to upload it I can
> upload it to TUHS.
> But perhaps they are still available .

I've just run through a quite search of X[1 10]R[1 3] and X10R[3 4] seems to 
be the only members of that vintage.  One fragment on google said that that 
was because it was the first example of the code to be released outside of 



Wesley Parish
> Andrzej

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