[TUHS] QNX sources

Jose R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es
Sun Oct 14 05:09:07 AEST 2007

Good news!

	Yesterday I connected again to QNX.com (as I usually do every two or
three months) to see whether there was any new release when I found out that
it is now released with a "mixed" license, being free for academic and 
non-commercial use, and -here's the interesting bit- it now includes the 
full source code to the operating system (microkernel, real time, SMP support,
etc...) and comes with a perpetual license (for academic, non-commercial use).

	You can download the full sources, recompile and modify it and browse
the subversion repository online. It has some restrictions of course. It's
great as QNX is one of the traditional non-ATT derived UNIX and has been
considered the best Real Time operating system for ages.

	So, while it may not be possible to include the sources in TUHS yet,
at least it might be worth having some links on the TUHS site to Sun's 
Opensolaris and QNX sites so people may know where to get the sources for
them. It may seem 'moot' from a 'heritage' point of view now, but it may
pay off later if some one keeps private copies of these sources for the 
record. Who knows how long will the current trend last?

	And may be we can contact them and ask for permission to include
a copy of the tree on the archive (they leave the door open to that) just
for historical purposes (with all due disclaimers and acknowledgements).



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