[TUHS] TUHS Digest, Vol 42, Issue 1

lyricalnanoha lyricalnanoha at dosius.ath.cx
Fri Oct 5 14:07:23 AEST 2007

On Thu, 4 Oct 2007, Larry McVoy wrote:

> No offense intended, but why waste time on 386 (or even way more time on
> 286)?  I can't imagine that anyone has any of those machines anymore.

I've got an Apple //e (65SC02, 1 MHz, 128K RAM).

> And if anyone is so broke that they do and can't afford a newer machine
> I have piles of celeron boxes looking for a home.  300-500mhz with 64-128M
> and probably a broken disk but maybe it works.  You pay shipping and they
> are yours.  If you are doing interesting work and you are really broke
> I'll pay shipping.

How much? If you've still got a bunch, I might look into it when my next 
check comes in. I could use a spare box to throw BSD on for 
experimentation :P

> But 286?  Come on.  Let it go, it sucked.  I can almost see the point of
> 386 except that nobody has one.

I did a lot of my development work on a 386/25 (upgraded from a 286) but 
that was 7 years ago.


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