[TUHS] Tape images of 2.9BSD for SIMH?

Jose R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es
Sat Mar 11 08:59:59 AEST 2006

Please, forgive me. I profusely apologize for all the inconveniences. It's
been fixed now.

I am sorry, I have been busy with lectures and travels and had forgotten the
issue until I finally found time tonight to re-check TUHS on this account. To
top it off my home computer broke and I only bought a new one yesterday.
Be assured I blushed when I saw my mistake and it has been the first thing 
I've done.

I'll try not to leave TUHS for so long again. Promise.


On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 18:12:02 +0000
Z Sztrprszkolwia <sztrprszkolwia at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> A couple of weeks ago you gave this address in the TUHS list, for tape 
> images of BSD:
> J. R. Valverde wrote:
> >I have made a fair number of virtual machines myself. May it's time to set them
> >free. Look into
> >
> >	ftp://ftp.es.embnet.org/pub/misc/emul/images/
> >
> >for some of them.
> >
> Unfortunately, when I log in as anonymous the directories are listed as 
> drwxrwx--- (no permision whatsoever for 'others') and I can't download 
> your simhs :((
> I'm quite interested in playing with them, could you give others r-x 
> permisions? Thanks :))

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