[pups] Figured some things out.

John Holden johnh at psych.usyd.edu.au
Thu Mar 9 10:01:09 AEST 2006

> I was not expecting termcap or curses; I was.. *hoping* (still not expecting) 
> that perhaps v7 was new enough that the 'simple' type of CRT terminals, the 
> ones that were basically just glass TTYs, were in common use. That it would 
> be possible to use stty to set the number of rows to n, and that just maybe 
> there would be a 'more' command that would only printout the next n lines. 
> You know, simple stuff. Nothing about cursor addressable displays, no special 
> codes for clearing the screen, or text attributes, just screen paging. At any 
> rate, I may sit down at some point and write a 'more' utility of my own. Not 
> that I need it for man pages now that I have the offline version of the 
> manual, but there are still things like long directory listings that it would 
> be useful for.

Actually, termcap and vi was ported back to V7 very early in the piece,
though you needed an ID space processor (aka PDP11/45/50/55/70) to run vi.
There were several paging programs about, some using termcap. From memory
there was dis, pg and more. The man command didn't do any pagination


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