[TUHS] Bringing up any 4.3BSD on a MicroVAX without tape....

Jose R Valverde txomsy at yahoo.es
Fri Oct 21 22:31:52 AEST 2005

>It is in the same boat as the one Robert is writing 
>about. I know I can install NetBSD/vax on it using
>net boot concept. But I'd like to run one of the 
>appropriate distributions from "our" collection. Any

The most obivous ones are

 - Quasijarus
 - Ultrix-32M
   -- ultrix 1.2 is in the archives
   -- from ifctvax.harhan.org you can get sources for
      ultrix 2.0.0
      ultrix 4.2.0
   (see previous posts in the list)
 - 32V


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