[TUHS] Legality of porting ancient Unix.

Duncan Anderson duncangareth at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 11 22:35:44 AEST 2005

Hellwig.Geisse at mni.fh-giessen.de wrote:

>Hi John,
>On 11-Oct-2005 John Chung wrote:
>>There has been a lot of talk about ancient unix
>>lately. I do know there are quite a few ports for the
>>ancient unix but the main question is it legal? It is
>>possible to port and distribute the port without the
>>warth of the company that owns the IP?
>>John Chung
>it is legal to use, modify, and distribute code
>based on UNIX Versions 1..7 and 32V, to the best
>of my knowledge; see
>Hellwig Geisse
Does anyone know where and how one obtains the "ancient unix" sources, 
particularly 32V?

Who does one speak to?


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