[TUHS] SCO sues IBM?

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at lemis.com
Tue Mar 11 11:59:39 AEST 2003

On Tuesday, 11 March 2003 at 11:51:28 +1000, Warren Toomey wrote:
> I've just read through the TUHS mail: SCO vs. IBM.
> I think we're missing the point a bit. The Caldera license places
> the UNIX research editions 1 to 7, and 32V, under a BSD-style
> license.  Later systems such as System III and System V are not
> covered.

Yes, maybe you're missing the point.  My concern was that the Caldera
license has never been signed, and that they don't have anything about
it on their web site.

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