Help Save 4BSD Boot Tapes!

Warren Toomey wkt at
Sat Sep 19 21:12:17 AEST 1998

Many kudos to Kirk McKusick for making the entire BSD releases from the
Computer Systems Research Group available on CD. However, many people are
going to buy the CD set so they can install 4.3BSD on their personal Vax.

Unfortunately, the 4CD set from Kirk does not contain any tape images
(bootable or otherwise) which would allow any of the 4BSDs to be installed.
Therefore, I'm asking anybody who might have old 4BSD tapes lying in a
corner, or knows someone who might have old 4BSD tapes (or has heard a
rumor about old 4BSD tapes etc.) to e-mail me with the details.

If we can unearth any old 4BSD tapes, then I am sure there will be
volunteers around who will be very happy to read the tapes, and I will
make space for them alongside the other files and tape images in the
PUPS archive.

While I'm here, I might as well say that I'm still looking for any old
PDP-11 versions of UNIX, or any applications written for early versions
of UNIX, or anything machine-readable which is generally related to
early versions of UNIX. Debbie Scherrer has just donated the Software Tools,
and both Dennis Ritchie and Norman Wilson are slowly scanning in their
paper copies of man pages for UNIX Editions 1 to 5.

Many thanks in advance for your help in preserving the history of Unix.


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