Looking for rationale of fs naming conventions (more????)

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On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Eric Fischer wrote:

> > Interesting.  What sizes, relatively, were such drives from that era
> > of the high-speed type, and by what manufacture?
> If I'm reading the First Edition manual right, the fixed-head disk was
> the DEC RF11, with 1024 256-byte blocks -- yes, 256K bytes for the
> entire hard disk.  Dennis Ritchie's paper "The Evolution of the Unix
> Time-sharing System" refers to a 512K disk, though, so I don't know
> which to believe.

Are you sure that was 256-byte blocks? DEC usually talked about words when
it came to the pdp-11, and one word is 2 bytes, meaning the block is 512
bytes. Almost all DEC disks have 512 byte blocks on the pdp-11. Anybody
know any exceptions? (Is the RF-11? That disk is before my time...)


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