[pdp7-unix] G-2 Spacewar?

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Mon Jun 15 22:38:30 AEST 2020

Bob Supnik wrote:
> A (lost) university software system?

I received additional information.  Apparently some kind of home brew
assembler at Dartmouth College.

  "I would not be surprised if the assembler source is a little
   different from DEC standard PDP-9 sources.

   We had a tendency back in the day to write our own assemblers on the
   "big" mainframe time-sharing system that had decent editors and disk
   storage.  We'd assemble, print out listings on 1200 lpm printers and
   then when we were done, punch the binaries out on paper tape on a
   teletype.  If we were lucky, we had some sort of RS-232
   communications to the PDP-9 (or whatever mini) and you could deal
   with it that way.  We supported many different smaller machines from
   the mainframe (GE-635) over the years."

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