[pdp7-unix] Asymmetries and other faults in the Graphic 2 characters

Diomidis Spinellis dds at aueb.gr
Thu Oct 31 08:37:14 AEST 2019

On 30-Oct-19 19:52, Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
> Diomidis Spinellis wrote:
>> However, the generated images have some asymmetries and other small
>> faults; see the image in the corresponding issue [2].
> When drawing a line, include the starting point, but exclude the ending
> point.  This change made the characters look better in the SIMH
> rendition.

Thank you; this is better, but still not perfect.  I left an example on 
the GitHub issue https://github.com/dspinellis/cas2svg/issues/1

>> Also, the images I'm seeing on a simh issue [3] and a patent text [4]
>> indicate that Graphic 2 might have a bitmap display.
> What image, and what patent text?  I haven't seen anything to indicate a
> bitmap.  All I know about are points and vectors.

The character images in https://github.com/simh/simh/issues/754.   They 
appear pixelated to me, rather than vector drawn.

The US3653001A patent text in 
https://patents.google.com/patent/US3653001A/en refers to pixels:

"The method of picture formation on the CRT display is point plotting on 
a 1,024 X [,024 raster, i.e., lines and characters are formed from 
closely spaced points. "

This is what confused me.



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