[pdp7-unix] "original-commands" branch

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Mon Oct 28 18:05:40 AEST 2019

Phil Budne wrote:
> Tom Everett wrote:
> > But GNU make isn't really my thing (I still do work on FreeBSD where
> > BSD make is the default), so I don't know all the tricks of the
> > trade, and I GENERALLY try to stick to a portable subset. Plus I
> > don't know which gmake constructs are "portable" (have existed
> > forever) and which are not, so I was content to leave that judgement
> > to someone else.
> I'm on FreeBSD also, which is why I've tried to stick as possible to
> non-GNU make.

I agree to keep it portable.  I'm also unsure which features are only in
GNU make or which are widely supported.

According to docs, $@ and $< are in POSIX.  I used $^, but if there's
only one source file, $< can be used instead.

"%" pattern rules are NOT supported by POSIX make, and probably not BSD
make from the looks of it.

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