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Tom Everett tom at khubla.com
Mon Oct 28 05:07:16 AEST 2019

I'm on FreeBSD also, which is why I've tried to stick as possible to 
non-GNU make.

Phil Budne via pdp7-unix wrote on 2019-10-27 2:55 PM:
>> I'm not sure what level of Makefile tricks is desired here.  For your
>> consideration, I believe many rules like this:
>> $(BINDIR)/sh: $(CMDSRC)/sh.s
>>          $(AS) $(ASARGS) -o $(BINDIR)/sh $(CMDSRC)/sh.s
>> can be replaced by a single implicit rule such as:
>> $(BINDIR)/%: $(CMDSRC)/%.s
>>          $(AS) $(ASARGS) -o $@ $^
>> This wouldn't work for files built from several source files though.
> Thanks!  I had tried to figure out a way to make
> $(BINDIR)/sh: $(CMDSRC)/sh.s
> $(BINDIR)/thing: $(CMDSRC)/thing1.s $(CMDSRC)/thing2.s
> "do the right thing", but failed.
> Personally, I think less in a Makefile is easier to understand, up to
> a point (too much magic can be confusing as much as repeated and
> unnecessary noise), so (as always) it's a balancing act.
> But GNU make isn't really my thing (I still do work on FreeBSD where
> BSD make is the default), so I don't know all the tricks of the trade,
> and I GENERALLY try to stick to a portable subset. Plus I don't know
> which gmake constructs are "portable" (have existed forever) and which
> are not, so I was content to leave that judgement to someone else.
> Since there are sources in places other than CMDSRC (and it's possible
> that CMDSRC could be split up, say by adding GAMESRC), having an
> implicit rule with CMDSRC wired bothers me slightly.
> Something I'd like to eventually see would be to create the disk image
> with a "cold start" paper tape, and load the sources and minimal
> binaries via paper tape, and then regenerate all the binaries natively
> (either thru SimH scripting, or supplied "rc" files), so spending a
> lot of time crafting the ultimate Makefile isn't how I would spend my
> time!
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