[pdp7-unix] "original-commands" branch

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Mon Oct 28 03:34:34 AEST 2019

> If we're doing that would we remove the corresponding "wkt" commands?

The remaining non-original (other) programs in the image in the
original-coomands branch are:

date (other/wktdate.s) -- made redundant by "tm"?
mv (other/wktmv.s) -- made redundant by "rn"
od (other/wktod.s) -- I used it to figure out what was wrong with un!
b (other/b.b) -- B compiler reconstructon

I have not removed the now unused "other" sources.  They're now
artifacts of the 2016 reconstruction!

To keep my small mind from overflowing while I cleaned up
build/Makefile (put everything in alphabetical order) I took out
Warren's "alternate" build. If/when the branch is merged back, I can
work on adding that back.

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