[pdp7-unix] "original-commands" branch

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Fri Oct 25 11:16:36 AEST 2019

Earlier I merged my PR which adds a ".." self-link to each directory,
and adds the capability for mkfs7 to make a link to the previous file.

I've pushed an "original-commands" branch up to DoctorWkt/pdp7-unix

It contains a simplified Makefile (couldn't cope with Warren's
alternate universe), and uses cat, cp, ln, ls, sh from the new scans
instead of the modern replacement versions.

cat, cp, ls, list and sh all seem to work
(sh doesn't give an alternate prompt when you log in as system!)


ln doesn't seem to work for me, or at least not how I expect it to!

I added "un" as well, nm was already there.
I'm not convinced either is bug free!

The remaining modern files are: bc (B compiler), date, mv and od.
("rn" is present, and seems to work, but I didn't remove "mv").

There's a bc.s in the newly scanned files, so the B compiler may need
a new name!

Other discoveries:
"salv" runs and prints disk usage stats.

I've omitted "pd" and "bc" built from new sources.

Anyhow, you can pull down the branch and see what you think.

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