[pdp7-unix] use of tabs

Sebastian Rasmussen sebras at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 06:34:13 AEST 2019

> I think we can be 99.9999% sure that they did not use spaces for
> indentation. Rather the device they used for printout was set to 3
> spaces per tab.

In 09-1-35.pdf pages 1-5 and half of page 6 indent by 2 spaces
the other half of page 6 indents by 3 spaces. On page 7 they indent
by both 2 and 3 spaces back and forth over several lines. page 8
onwards again indent by 3 spaces. I'm ignoring labels and comments
and such that all appear to be unindented. So the machine used to
print the source code seems not to be well behaved.

But since indenting by three spaces would consume more diskspace
and it may have been a scarcity, perhaps that would be an argument
for tabs..?

 / Sebastian

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