[pdp7-unix] original shell, ls/list, roff; wiki pages

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Thu Oct 24 06:24:16 AEST 2019

Angelo wrote:
> That's cool. Need anything else transcribed?

A working ed is a prime candidate for having a self-hosting
system... And I suppose after that, db! I'm not convinced I ever
debugged either fully.

I've been meaning to write a "compare" script that strips out \t+".*$
from the sources and then uses diff -w.  That would help show if there
are differences between the "scan" and "src" versions of file....

And for both of them, divining and documenting the command syntax is
(since the earliest documentation covers both the PDP-7 and 11/20
versions of UNIX).

space travel will need the floating-point library, fops.s as well as
all the st files, but all of those may have been done twice (or at
least visually inspected).

I suppose a "score board" (table) of program status would be a good
thing to have (on the repo wiki?)!!


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