[pdp7-unix] GRAPHICS-2

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Thu Oct 24 02:18:40 AEST 2019

Lars wrote:
> Maybe our cas version is an early one and improvements were made
> in later versions which were not preserved.

That's possible, but the misshapen characters are the sort of behavior
I would expect from misinterpretations or errors re-typing the cas
program.  I find it hard to believe the fastidious and clever people
at Bell Labs would have tolerated such ugly and misshapen A, < and >
characters for long!

In this sort of endeavor (and I've been on a few), it's always at
LEAST as safe to blame some modern day person re-typing code they
didn't craft themselves, than to blame someone from the past (who,
while working with resources that are miniscule compared to the ones
available to us, were used to those restrictions, and often able to do
VERY subtle and clever things in small spaces).

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