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> From: Lars Brinkhoff<lars at nocrew.org>
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> Subject: [pdp7-unix] "V0" user guide
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> Hello,
> Is there some kind of user guide for PDP-7 Unix?  Some things feel
> unfamiliar, and I don't quite know how to navigate the system.  For
> example, why do I need to type "ln dd ken ."?

Hi Lars,

You link because v0 doesn't have a current directory when you start, and 
it's not a hierarchical fs, but rather a directed graph. Subdirectories 
are a pain. (the user guide explains it better)

Here are some links:

The unix 'user manual':


The pdp7 user manual:


Some miscellaneous docs:


The file asm_syntax is particularly good.



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GPG Fingerprint: 68F4 B3BD 1730 555A 4462  7D45 3EAA 5B6D A982 BAAF

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