[pdp7-unix] Running cas

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Mon Oct 21 15:35:56 AEST 2019

> Sebastian Rasmussen wrote:
>> I know very little about SimH or Graphic 2 internals, but I'd like to
>> help you get ttt and st running in the emulator.
> set g2in disabled
> set g2out disabled
> set graphics2 enabled
> set graphics2b enabled
> set graphics2c enabled
> set graphics2d enabled

I did some programming during the weekend and I'm quite happy to see
some recognizable characters.  Parameter mode, XY mode, short and long
vector modes, and incremental mode is also implemented.  So that's
almost all GRAPHIC-2 display list commands, except blinking.  input
devices are not implemented, so you can't log in to Unix yet.

If you or anyone else want to try this, there's a small test in
simh/PDP18B/tests/graphics2.simh.  That is what I have been testing with
so far.  Pass it on the SIMH command line and either single step or run

If you want to run Unix, modify the SIMH configuration as per above.
TTIX also needs to be disabled.  I think it should be possible to log in
on the console and start the applications: ttt, space travel, pool, and

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