[pdp7-unix] Page comments in cas.x

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Mon Oct 21 15:09:40 AEST 2019

Sebastian wrote:
> As I understood Lars build/bin/cas uses src/cmd/cas.x as input data,
> and I worry that it does not ignore the page comments, and that they
> thus do more harm than good when the file is used as input.

Right, I removed all comments from cax.x before feeding it to cas.

> or how Lars went from the cas.x data to the character definitions he
> is currently using?

I ran cas twice under SIMH.  Once with the fixed cas.x as per above, and
once on scope.v.  Then I cat'ed the output files and captured the
contents in a log file.

Note that the comment about c6 is corrent, the end is missing.  I guess
there were a few more lines on another page, but that page went missing.

I see cas.x and scope.v has been under scrutiny now.  Great!  Please
also consider cas.s.  Though maybe it has been reviewed well already
since it runs fine.

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