[pdp7-unix] Page comments in cas.x

Sebastian Rasmussen sebras at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 12:25:34 AEST 2019

> The files are small enough to navigate without the signpost comments.

And not having them in src/cmd/*.x makes the files easier to use,
no need for the grep command below. :)

> Here's how I've been able to run it:
> $ ../../tools/as7 -o cas cas.s
> $ grep -v ^" cas.x > cas2
> $ ../../tools/a7out cas cas2out cas2

Ah, this helped tremendously! Based on this I could conclude that
cas.x had been reordered during scanning, and that the final line
for c9 was missing. I sent a pull request on github to rectify this.

> > or how Lars went from the cas.x
> > data to the character definitions he is currently using?
> I do not....  Tho I suspect he did so under SIMH, as opposed to a7out,
> as he submitted a PR with an output file, and I suggested adding stuff
> to build/Makefile to generate it using a7out.  I had to remove a
> restriction (a7out didn't ignore write attempts of zero words!)

After a bit of poking around I found the character patterns in

Combined with the improved output from cas I put together something
that I sent Lars' way, hoping that it is useful:

 / Sebastian

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