[pdp7-unix] moo and debugging assembly in unix v0

Bob Supnik bob at supnik.org
Sun Oct 20 21:53:21 AEST 2019


As Phil said, SimH has extensive debugging facilities, including 
unlimited breakpoints, history capture and display (up to 65K 
instructions), single and "n" stepping, state save and restore, etc. V4 
added extensive scripting and EXPECT capabilities too.

My usual debugging technique is to put a breakpoint where I think things 
get interesting, run until there, SAVE, step or run forward to see what 
happens, "rewind" time by RESTORE, try again, etc.


On 10/19/2019 9:54 PM, Will Senn via pdp7-unix wrote:
> How's moo supposed to work? It compiles without error, but when run 
> doesn't produce any output. It looks like it should display a message 
> and wait for some input, but I get nothing no matter if I call it from 
> root or system and whether I call it with arguments or not?
> Also, is Warren's asm_syntax note the best place to look for 
> understanding the syntax or is there a better doc in PDP7 land? Along 
> these lines is there a "how to debug an asm file in unix v7 or pdp7-unix?
> Thanks,
> Will

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