[pdp7-unix] assembly errors in fop.s

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Sun Oct 20 07:37:35 AEST 2019

> Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 14:41:39 -0500
> From: Will Senn via pdp7-unix <pdp7-unix at minnie.tuhs.org>
> OK, so I've checked the scans and the file appears to properly match the 
> scan, but when I go to compile it with as7, I get the following errors:
> I
> II
> ../scans/fop.s
> ../scans/fop.s:81: Global label q multiply defined

> 1. q is defined many times. Here is the structure (just an example):
> q:0
> fad = jms q

This is just a warning.  The real as.s doesn't complain.
Now we know why!

> ../scans/fop.s:148: d1 not defined

> 2. d1 isn't defined anywhere, is it just decimal 1?

Likely.  I wonder if this is because d1 is such a ubiquitous constant
location, that every program that's assembled with fop.s defines it?
(or if they didn't need it themselves, maybe they define it for

> ../scans/fop.s:791: Global label o377777 multiply defined
>    lac i q
> 3. o377777 is defined twice (line 789, and 791):
> o377777: 0377777
> dm18: -18
> o377777: 0377777

again, not a fatal error... can be ignored!


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