[pdp7-unix] Running cas

Sebastian Rasmussen sebras at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 06:51:09 AEST 2019


> I think character generator words (as output from cas) are divided into
> three 6-bit bytes.  Those bytes are much like incremental mode words
> described in "03-scope".

I know very little about SimH or Graphic 2 internals, but I'd like to help
you get ttt and st running in the emulator. What do you currently need
help with?

I have successfully built
using "make pdp7". Putting the resulting binary in my PATH and running
make run in pdp7-unix tells me that GRAPHICS2 and friends are disabled.
At that point I'm not quite sure how to get to a point where I'm useful to you.
Help? :) (Alternatively if you don't need hand that require explaining, let
me know and I'll patiently wait for you to figure out the details.)

 / Sebastian

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