[pdp7-unix] assembly errors in fop.s

Sebastian Rasmussen sebras at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 05:52:05 AEST 2019


> 1. q is defined many times. Here is the structure (just an example):

Yes, but there also seems to be some kind of indentation
mistake (2 spaces instead of 3) in the scan. Would those
cause issues when passed through tools/as7?

> 2. d1 isn't defined anywhere, is it just decimal 1?

I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. is fop.s supposed to be
combined with another file at assembly time? Like so:
./tools/as7 scans/p?.s scans/fop.s

> 3. o377777 is defined twice (line 789, and 791):

I noticed this when transcribing, but I was wary of doing changes
(even trivial ones) to the source. I wanted the source to reflect
the scans as a first step, so I left it in.

 / Sebastian

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