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>> but what's the procedure?
> The usual way is: "fork" the repo (makes a clone under your user id at
> github) by clicking on the "tuning fork" at the top left of the
> screen.
> Clone that repo down to your working system.
> I recommend making a branch off of master, and doing work there.
> Push the branch up to your github account with "git push"
> Open the web page for the repo in your github account.
> Select your working branch.
> Click on "New Pull Request"
> If you need to catch your repo up to the state of the DoctorWkt repo,
> I add it to my working repo as a remote named "upstream"
> Then I can do:
> git checkout master
> git pull upstream
> This should always run cleanly if you never modify your master branch!
> To bring a branch up to a modern state, you can then rebase it from
> your local master.
This is helpful. Wish me luck. I should add some files this afternoon. 
Is scans the right destination for new files from pdf to text?


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