[pdp7-unix] pull requests help

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Sat Oct 19 08:03:16 AEST 2019

> but what's the procedure?

The usual way is: "fork" the repo (makes a clone under your user id at
github) by clicking on the "tuning fork" at the top left of the

Clone that repo down to your working system.

I recommend making a branch off of master, and doing work there.

Push the branch up to your github account with "git push"

Open the web page for the repo in your github account.

Select your working branch.

Click on "New Pull Request"

If you need to catch your repo up to the state of the DoctorWkt repo,
I add it to my working repo as a remote named "upstream"

Then I can do:
git checkout master
git pull upstream

This should always run cleanly if you never modify your master branch!

To bring a branch up to a modern state, you can then rebase it from
your local master.

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