[pdp7-unix] pull requests help

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 07:12:29 AEST 2019


Don't mean to be a dunce, but my git skills are limited to my own local 
and hosted repositories. I understand the principle behind pull 
requests, but what's the procedure?

Is it something along the lines of:

1. git clone https://github.com/DoctorWkt/pdp7-unix.git

2. create or edit transcribed files in ./pdp7-unix/scans

3. git add .

4. git commit -m "this file transcribed..."

5. git request-pull branch-name https://github.com/DoctorWkt/pdp7-unix.git

It looks like I'm taking over from Rob on the 09-1-35.pdf file containing:

09-1-35     fop.s
09-1-35     ln.s
09-1-35     ls.s
09-1-35     moo.s
09-1-35     nm.s
09-1-35     op.s

and pulling a bit of 10-36-54.pdf for some more op.s

When I'm done transcribing them, I want them to get pulled in properly.

Does this sound right? Do I need to create a local branch before doing 
changes? Is the pull request equivalent in some sense to git push? Is 
the scans folder the right destination?



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