[pdp7-unix] ttt1-2.s

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Sat Oct 19 05:40:14 AEST 2019

I've done only sh.s from the file that ends with that, and today's my
birthday, so I'm otherwise occupied, if anyone is feeling left out.  I
got sh.s to assemble (had to add the "ecla" EAE clear AC micro-op to
as7), and it seems to run under SIMH (the aout7 emulator needs to
learn about that bit?!).

Duplicated work is actually a GOOD thing: comparing two peoples
interpretation of a file can catch typos that are otherwise maddening
to try and diagnose!!  So if you find you've done duplicate work,
please submit a pull request with your version (just add your name or
initials to the file name)!

The next step after typing is to get a clean assembly (which for me,
always finds lots of typos!), and after that to try running the
program under aout7 and/or simh!!

I saw a file (which got named t8?) that may (or may not) be the "ops"
file that was used to for all user programs (as.s, unlike as7 does not
have an initial symbol table that defines opcodes and system calls!)

In addition, many of programs seem to use the "fops" floating point
library, so we might want to come up with "rc" files than can be
redirected to shell input "sh <thing.rc" with the command line to
assemble each program!


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