[pdp7-unix] PDP-7 Unix Shell, Space Travel

Robert Swierczek rmswierczek at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 22:41:04 AEST 2019


I finished transcribing 13-120-147.pdf using the page convention you
I added the files to a new branch rswier-scans, you can pull them into
master after doing a sanity check.
I will now start working on 09-1-35.pdf if there is no objection.

pdf         file      who    status

09-1-35     fop.s     rob
09-1-35     ln.s      rob
09-1-35     ls.s      rob
09-1-35     moo.s     rob
09-1-35     nm.s      rob
09-1-35     op.s      rob

10-36-55    p1-5.s    ?

11-56-91    pd.s      phil
11-56-91    psych.s   phil
11-56-91    rm.s      phil
11-56-91    rn.s      phil
11-56-91    roff.s    phil
11-56-91    salv.s    phil
11-56-91    sh.s      phil

12-92-119   st1-7.s   aap

13-120-147  stat.s    rob    scanned
13-120-147  tm.s      rob    scanned
13-120-147  t1-8.s    rob    scanned

14-148-165  ttt1-2.s  ?
14-148-165  un.s      ?
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