While cruising olduse.net I came across this puzzling entry in net.general

            Department of Computer Engineering and Science                               
                    Case Western Reserve University                                      
                            Cleveland, Ohio                                              
        We would like to announce our connection to Usenet. We are a                     
private university located in Cleveland, vacation spot of the midwest.                   
        The department's primary facilities consist of:                                  
        VAX 11/780: hardware: RM05's, TU77, DZ-11, DH-11 (able), 2.5 Mbytes.             
                    software: 4.1 BSD                                                    
        PDP 11/45:  hardware: RM02, DS330 (RP04), RK05, RX02, RS04(solid state)          
                              cache45 (able), DH-11                                      
                    software: UNIX V 6.9999999         

What is UNIX V 6.9999999?? I suspect it's v6 with a bunch of patches, but not quite v7?  I've seen from some Russian stuff that they prefered v6 on pdp-11's as it "ran faster" than v7 and needed far less ram/disk space... I know it's 30 years too late to ask them what it is but I figure someone may have actually ran/used 6.9999999...


Jason Stevens