IIRC... Zilog had Zeus (a SYSIII version) running.  Exxon Office Systems swallowed and regurgitated Zilog. They were a Vax customer in Princeton in the late '80s.  I installed one of the Vax 11/780s with the first RM80 I (and my office) ever saw as a brand new Field Service grunt.

The US Internal Revenue Service was looking at replacing (Z8000 systems) them with AT&T sold Pyramid boxes when I was there.  Then they swallowed NCR and it all fell apart. This was around '94 or so.

AT&T and Siemens were both Pyramid OEMs and were about 50% of Pyramid's business (I was told). Anyone have further info?   When Exxon pulled the plug on EOS I thing things were up in the air...


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> There's been a lot of discussion about early Unix on Intel, National
> Semi, Motorola, and Sparc processors. I don't recall if Unix ran on
> the Z8000, and if not, why not.
> As I remember the Z8000 was going to be the great white hope that
> would continue Zilog's success with the Z80 into modern times.
> But, it obviously didn't happen.
> Why?
> Jon

Didn't Coherent run on the Z8K?  Though that's not really Unix.