The phrase disappeared from the manuals at some point. I might have committed the offense myself: The Research Unix manuals all continue the phrase, but the Plan 9 ones say:

ED(1)                                                       ED(1)


          ed - text editor


          ed [ - ] [ -o ] [ file ]


          Ed is a venerable text editor.

I likely made the "venerable" substitution. I regret that now.

Ed is the standard editor.


On Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 10:53 AM Steve Nickolas <> wrote:
On Wed, 10 Mar 2021, Rob Pike wrote:

> I'm curious when people (other than me) erred and stopped saying that ed
> was the standard editor.
> -rob

I actually use that expression in somewhat unorthodox ways. ;)

Like "CDE is the standard desktop environment like ed is the standard text
editor." (I still consider both to be true even though about no one uses
either anymore.)