On Aug 2, 2014 7:48 PM, "Noel Chiappa" <jnc@mercury.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:

> Well, there is a companion 'compiler' which converts extension source into
> the intermediate form (byte-code) which is interpreted by the editor. But
> it's even smaller (67KB!) and as fast as the editor itself.
>     > I was pleasantly surprised that it does have one, and that it's a c
>     > derivative ... "Extensible and modifiable" doesn't always mean the same
>     > thing to everyone, and well, you're a kernel hacker.
> Take a quick look at a source file, e.g. one of mine:
>   http://ana-3.lcs.mit.edu/~jnc/tech/cmd.e
> and you'll see i) what it's like (except for a few new editing-specific
> keywords, such as 'on <key>' in function definitions, it's pretty much C),
> and ii) it will give you a sense of the kind of things one writes in it, and
> how easy it is to do so.
> The underlying run-time basically just provides buffer, display, etc
> primitives, and pretty much all the actual editor commands are written in the
> 'extension' languge, even simple things like 'forward character' (^F), etc.
> The complete manual is available online, the run-time system is described
> here:
>   http://www.lugaru.com/man/Primitives.and.EEL.Subroutines.html
> Epsilon comes (as of a few versions back, I haven't bothered to upgrade) with
> about 22K lines of source, which is the bulk of the actual editor; that turns
> into about 190KB of intermediate code.

the spirit of emacs without the bloat :-)