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Which one? There were two: "MIT's AI Lab", by CSTACY, Alan Wecsler, and me;

That one.  Mine should really be rewritten now.
which Rob Austein re-wrote into "Alice's PDP-10".

I didn't know that one was done at MIT.
I think that the person fails their oral. I
have no idea if it's a true story.

That's vicious.  It reminds me of the medical oral exam where the last question is "How many cranial nerves are there in Great Britain?"  Of course the candidate tries to remember how many people there are and multiplies it by 12, on the fly.  The answer is "One more than in the U.S.", because one subdivided nerve is/was considered two distinct nerves there. 

"Mr. Asimov, what can you tell us about the endochronic properties of resublimated thiotimoline?"