Although few will admit when their uneducated opinion is wrong, it is true that Rust and C++ are very different.  They are as different as any two clearly different languages are.  Their respective feature sets are quite different and do not overlap any more than any two totally different languages do.

Blake McBride

On Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 11:26 AM ron minnich <> wrote:
I did not want to disrupt the FD 2 discussion, but I could not really let this comment go unanswered:

"Smells like C++ to me. Rust in essence is a re-implementation of C++ not C. It tries to pack as much features as it possibly can. "

It's hard for me to see how you can say this if you have done any work in Rust and C++. 

But, short form: Rust is not C++. Full stop. 

I did not feel that comment should go unanswered, lest people believe it.