My recollection from those days was that Banyan Vines was developed in collaboration with DEC.  I think it would have been more likely that it was BSD or (eek) ULTRIX based.  I was working on system and network management at AT&T USO/USL/Novell/HP until 1997 and never heard it mentioned that Banyan Vines was on any sort of System V license though we were all quite aware of the product.  I think I would have heard something if they were “one of ours.”  Given the timeframe it would more likely have been some sort of 7th edition license, but in those days BSD would have been the more logical choice.  This is just my recollection, however.  I’ll see what I can track down in terms of facts.

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Janet Frazer Sala

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 01:56:26 -0700
From: Andrew Warkentin <>
Subject: Re: [TUHS] Banyan Vines?  Banyan/ePresence dissolves self
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Wesley Parish wrote:

>Who would one need to get in touch with, to ask about the possibility of
>getting the various obsolete Banyan Vines bits and pieces donated to TUHS?  
>(It was based on a Unix kernel, so I would say it - one of the first NOSes to
>have a directory - should be part of the TUHS repository.)
Wasn't it based on System V? Wouldn't that prevent it from being
released? (unless they made a similar deal with AT&T to the one Sun
made, which is very unlikely)