On Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 10:45, KenUnix <ken.unix.guy@gmail.com> wrote:

I am using enblock to create tap files from tar files.

Was a program ever written to convert tap files to tar files or
a Linux program that could read tap files?

I also see that writing to a tap file from Unix the size increases
when writing multiple files however when writing 1 file to the tap
file "tar cv0 ..." the tap file still remains at its larger size from the
previous larger writes. Is this what is expected?


Hi Ken,

Questions like this are probably better suited to the SIMH mailing list. https://groups.io/g/simh

That being said, is there a reason you're bothering to convert to tap format?  Modern versions of SIMH can do "attach [file] -f tar [device]" to directly attach a tar file to a tape device.