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ah, on the vt52, that "bell" was called the "feep". It sure was not a bell.,

The vt52 was a real money saving device. From what we could tell, the printed circuit board on it was cardboard.

On the VT52 terminals I used, the bell seemed to come in two flavors. One was a very iconic "gear grinding" sound where there was a small motor that spun a toothed wheel that ran over a slender finger of plastic. A few, maybe retrofitted, had what sounded like a random 555 noise that was gated on/off.

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On 7/30/17, Alec Muffett <alec.muffett@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dumb question: is there any chance that just as BEL goes <beep>, perhaps
> LAMP illuminated a red warning light or similar?

BEL *did* ring a bell on the model 33 Teletype.  On the DEC VT52, it
sounded a buzzer that was sort of like an electronic raspberry.  On
the VT100, LA36, and other later terminals, it was the familiar feep

The character we're discussing here was named LANTERN, not LAMP, but
you may have something there regarding it turning on a light.  We'd
need to find an AT&T 4410 terminal, or someone who's used one, to be

-Paul W.