On 4 Jul 2022, at 23:17, ron minnich <rminnich@gmail.com> wrote:

> You can do that, but the 1980s tried it and it did not end well.
> What's it mean, for example, when you rename("/net/harv") to
> ("/net/google") -- close and reopen socket? (there's a Lost Talk from,
> I think, Rob, that addressed this very question)

Why shouldn't it just fail with EXDEV "No cross-device links"?

> Also consider that if you get it right, you can do all the network IO
> you want with cat and echo -- people have written telnet in Plan 9
> with those two commands.

Well, not really.  You need at least sed to convert 0xFF to 0xFF 0xFF on the wire and back again, at least if you are talking to a conformant implementation.