The only UX42 like thing I've found is a binary image on the Mach 3.0 disk set of the mt xinu disks.  In one of the Amiga directories of Mach stuff and the NS512 there is the BSDSS version 4 dump.  I haven't tried to build it yet.  Apparently CMU had up to version 8 of it, until the AT&T lawsuit where CMU apparently got cold feet and locked everything up.

If google works right it seems that you'll just find me interested in the old stuff, the world has mostly passed this stuff on.

I have been looking for RS/6000 Mach the better part of forever.  Absolutely zero luck.

It's funny about MachTEN, I asked them about buying the source, and/or redistribution but all they have is apparently a mountain of version 4 CD-ROMs.

The only exciting thing is getting the mt xinu binaries and being able to compile the CSRG dump of 2.5.  I found on bochs that it's doing something weird at the 3gb boundary which resulted in a triple fault and reboot.

Everything is about doing elf debug, a.out is so out of vogue it's not even funny. 

I'd always assumed that Mach 2.5 on i386 actually works.  Although the 3.0 stuff, at least on the Mt Xinu disks does.  Time to walk through start and locore...  Definitely way above my pay grade.

Although it does look like there is some sequent machine with multiple 386 processors implying that it's SMP capable.  Which probably doesn't work, otherwise why would NeXT have been lacking in SMP for so long?  It'd have been awesome on the SUN hardware, and of course on i386.  Instead it didn't come until what? OS X 10.3?

Im always saddened on how the most prolific platform was ignored back in the day it seems.  Sure the 80386 isnt sexy but they didn't have to cost as much as a luxury car.

Have you tried emailing professors at mit, Utah or CMU?  Maybe they might take you up on it.  I had zero luck, but I don't have any 'in'.  I'm just some dropout that barely made it through high school, not exactly university material.

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On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 2:26 AM +0800, "Chris Hanson" <> wrote:

On Jun 24, 2019, at 8:07 PM, Gregg Levine  wrote:
> Actually Chris, I found a complete collection of both CMU Mach and the
> Flux Group Mach, and even MkMach at the FTP2 site for the French
> OpenBSD location, under the pub and the mach
> directories.

Thanks for this, but it’s just the stuff that was made publicly available by these groups. It’s useful, especially to have via FTP (easier to sync), but it doesn’t cover things like UX42 (the BSD atop Mach that CMU deployed to cluster workstations).

  -- Chris