On 3/4/21 1:50 PM, Rob Pike wrote:

Thanks for the link into the video. If only every language were as helpful on the formatting code front :). I work with random folks who have differing opinions on the subject - this becomes apparent as soon as we try to integrate, with the notorious "inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation" error. Python drives me nuts with it's finickiness on this, all without providing a helpful way to resolve the issue. It's left up to the developer to fix. Go addresses this by normalizing the format. It's not just Python, I'm currently reading a C17 C++ book, at the moment, and the authors spend several pages on coding style. They eventually boil it down to "whatever you do, be consistent" - but the amount of time spent on this shows us why go's approach is vastly superior. No raging debate about braces on the same line or even tabs and spaces - just code it, let go sort out the style issues.