It seems to me today's 2GHz processors should be able to emulate a 3B (3B or not 3B, that is the question) at a performance that far exceeds an actual 3B. Is the instruction set definition and architecture of a 3B available anywhere?

Just wondering. I did such emulations for 68K machines and Cray machines.

Ed Bradford ex-BTL, ex Silcon Valley, and ex IBM retiree.

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emanuel stiebler <> wrote:

> On 2021-01-29 05:49, Arnold Robbins wrote:
> > Hello All.
> >
> > I have made a pre-installed disk image available with a fair amount
> > of software, see
> Thanks for doing & making the disk images, was an easy start!

You're welcome. It's a fun side project. I think I finally get the
enjoyment of retrocomputing with emulated versions of systems one
used in one's youth. :-)

> Do you remember, ho to set up the system to have four disk drives?
> Cheers & thanks again!

I don't think it can support more than 2 drives. Certainly the emulator
cannot. I don't know about real hardware.

You can split a big drive into partitions when formatting with the
diagnostics disk, but I don't think that's what you're asking.



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