Dumb question: is there any chance that just as BEL goes <beep>, perhaps LAMP illuminated a red warning light or similar? 

On 30 Jul 2017 12:14 pm, "Doug McIlroy" <doug@cs.dartmouth.edu> wrote:
I have no actual information about the lantern character, but
a tapered "storm lantern" would be far down my list of guesses.
The tapered chmney would much more likely be called a "lamp",
for it's a standard shape for the oil (kerosene) lamps
that everyone had before electricity.

My top guess would be a carriage lantern with a Japanese
garden ornament as a distant second. The carriage lantern
would be an unfilled circle superimposed on a vertical
rectangle, filled or unfilled. The rectangle might be
simplified to two (interrupted) vertical sides.

An alternate form of lantern would be a side view of
a carriage (or picture-projection) lantern, schematized
as a box, with a flaring projection to the right--an
icon for shining light on a subject, also interpretable
as a movie camera.

A Japanese lantern would be tripartite: cap, body, and

Do any of these possibilities ring a bell?