Amazingly, I got `leroy` to build on a modern(ish) system. Mary Ann, are you in Renton right now?

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Thanks, Henry, you found my mistake.

I've corrected the links to the Sept 1983 maps and verified that the date in the map is September.  Would you please rerun that one? :)

The extra icons in the legend are nice!

Yes, I agree doing this on a plotter would be better. I recall Brian Reid doing just that as a product demo of an HP plotter at one Usenix. I had such a poster, I was going to bring it this week but I can't find it. Now I know where he got his data...


    Mary Ann

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> Any chance you could do the same for this file? It looks smaller, but
> it's a couple weeks newer so it's possible it's somehow better.

While searching for the 2nd article for the May, I found the following

Link - Usenet graphic map of North America, part 1 of 2

Link - Usenet graphic map of North America, part 2 of 2

The dates of these articles are September 21, 1983.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

Thanks Grant, Mary Ann found what I needed and I'm working away.  Somehow in going back over what I used to build a working setup I managed to break my working setup, so I'm trying to fix that to get the next set of files output.


OK, here's the second set of Usenet maps, again in raw plot and SVG form.  The only difference with the "g" maps, produced with the gmap.leroy script, seems to be the addition of a few graphical icons.

I'm pretty sure this is how they would have looked originally, cluttered as they are.  The nice thing about them being in a vector format, though, is that you could blow them up to poster size if you wanted to.