Well hot on the heels of the SUN-3 version of Mach25 I managed to figure out enough of the wedge issues for the 386 directory on the CSRG CD set and got it to compile!


I put up a non HTTPS server on port 8080 for people with http only access to this stuff..




I apologize for the 404 & password craziness but the whole story is in the 404 page.  It’s so annoying, but here we are in the world of anonymous virus scans and skittish data centres.


I’m using the aforementioned MtXinu (http://vpsland.superglobalmegacorp.com:8080/install/Mach/MtXinu/) Mach386 to build this stuff.  I haven’t looked at cross compiling from anything yet at the moment.


Gzip -dc & tar -xvf this somewhere with space (/usr/src?)


The Makefile bombs while running config on the source, I don’t immediately see where it fails, but it’s easy enough to just CD into the directory run config , cd out & re-run make…


cd mach25-i386

bash# sh build.sh


and it'll do the build dance....


cc -c -O -MD  -DCMU -DINET -DMACH -DAT386 -DCMUCS -DKERNEL -fno-function-cse ../../i386at/pic_isa.c;  ;  ;

cc -c -O -MD  -DCMU -DINET -DMACH -DAT386 -DCMUCS -DKERNEL -fno-function-cse ../../i386at/rtc.c;  ;  ;

cc -c -O -MD  -DCMU -DINET -DMACH -DAT386 -DCMUCS -DKERNEL -fno-function-cse ../../i386at/wt.c;  ;  ;

grep -v '^#' ../../machine/symbols.raw  | sed 's/^      //' | sort -u > symbols.tmp

mv -f symbols.tmp symbols.sort

cc -c -O -MD  -DCMU -DINET -DMACH -DAT386 -DCMUCS -DKERNEL -fno-function-cse ../../machine/swapgeneric.c

(null command)

(null command)

(null command)

vers.config: No such file or directory

loading vmunix.sys

rearranging symbols

text    data    bss     dec     hex

442336  46776   115216  604328  938a8

ln vmunix.sys vmunix; ln vmunix vmunix.I386x.

md -f -d `ls *.d`




So yeah, turns out both trees are buildable!  who knew?!  It's certainly not easy to figure out or anything close to self explanatory.


I had to copy some files from the 'other' SUN-3 complete Mach.



cp /usr/src/mach25/sys/Makeconf .

cp /usr/src/mach25/sys/Makefile .

cp /usr/src/mach25/sys/conf/newvers.sh conf



To get anywhere with this.  So weird that they were missing.


I'm working on the boot sector stuff, looks like the stuff I build is too big, and I’m trying to work with the pre-built stuff.



mkfs /dev/rfloppy 2880 18 2 4096 512 32 1

dd if=boot.hd of=/dev/rfd0c

fsck /dev/rfd0a

mount /dev/floppy /mnt


I'd like to think I'm getting close. close to something. ... lol


I’m not sure if this is so off topic, or noise?  Anyways I’ll keep updating unless told otherwise.


From: Chris Hanson
Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2019 12:46 PM
To: tuhs@minnie.tuhs.org
Subject: [TUHS] CMU Mach sources?


Does anyone know whether CMU’s local Mach sources have been preserved?


I’m not just talking about MK84.default.tar.Z  and so on, I’m talking about all the bits of Mach that were used on cluster systems on campus, prior to the switch to vendor UNIX.


I know at least one person who had complete MacMach sources for the last version, but threw out the backup discs with the sources in the process of moving. So I know they exist.


If nothing else, CMU did provide other sites their UX source package (eg UX42), which was the BSD single server environment. So I know that has to be out there, somewhere.


  — Chris


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