Hi guys, new SIMH (and Research Unix) user here coming from the future (Linux), haha. Well, as the mail subject says, I have a problem.

After creating a bootable disk from a virgin Unix v7 distribution tape by following this guide, http://homepages.thm.de/~hg53/pdp11-unix/, and after umounting the usr file system and halting the machine, SIMH returns:
        HALT instruction, PC: 000002 (HALT)
after running the command:
        pdp11 run.conf
and I cannot boot my 87,9 MB 'system.hp' disk.

I thought the problem was on the final line of 'run.conf':
        run 2002
But when I use SIMH without .conf files and by manually typing the following commands:
        set cpu 11/45
        set cpu 256k
        set rp0 rp04
        attach rp0 system.hp
        boot rp0
I see the same HALT message too.

I'm currently unning SIMH from Debian/Ubuntu package 3.8.1-5build1. Should I update to a newest one? Or did I make a mistake when creating my bootable disk?